Head Gasket Repair Washington: Guaranteed* repair of blown head gaskets, on location, at a fraction of the price or cost
Head Gasket Repair Washington: Guaranteed* repair of blown head gaskets, on location, at a fraction of the price or cost

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Head Gasket Repair Washington is a mobile service (aka “Mr Head Gasket”). We permanently repair blown head gaskets without tearing down your engine, so our cost is far less. We travel to you in most parts of Washington State and offer you free consultations by phone, toll-free: 1 (855) 966-6378 We serve the cities of Seattle, Everett, Vancouver, Tacoma, Olympia, Spokane, Bellingham, Yakima, and all points in between. On the Peninsula, we permanently repair head gaskets in cities like Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Port Angeles, Port Orchard, and more.

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We charge about one-quarter the normal head-gasket replacement cost because we use a non-invasive 3-hour process, repairing your blown head gasket at your location. Before we do the repair, we diagnose the cause of your car’s overheating by testing your thermostat, water pump, radiator, heater core, hoses, and radiator cap. (Inexpensive items are often the cause of head gasket problems.) You can watch every step of the test and repair. For these services, our price is a few hundred dollars rather than, say, $3000 dollars for a new head gasket! Call for the price estimate on your engine type.

Your head gasket repair is warranted in writing. Yes, the head gasket repair is permanent.

What if my head gasket is really okay? Usually, we can tell you that right over the phone. Call us for a free consultation. We don’t want to waste our time or your money!

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What if we find that your vehicle is not repairable? The free phone consultation (see above) will usually tell us that, but if an on-site vehicle test later shows that your car is not repairable, we charge just the $79 service call that’s included in all our quotes. You are charged nothing for the materials. Your vehicle may not be repairable if there is something really major wrong (like a cracked block) or if you don’t have a blown head gasket after all. To repeat, most of the time the repair works great, and we will tell you right over the phone if we don’t think our repair process is for you.

What is a blown head gasket anyway? A blown head gasket is a break in the gas-tight seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. Somehow, at some time in the past, your engine overheated and the head gasket failed (as it was designed to do in those conditions). Compression in the engine is lost through this rupture, and blown head gaskets get worse over time. The best indication of a blown head gasket is loss of engine power plus steam (or “white smoke”) coming out of the tail pipe after the car has warmed up. Cars with minor head gasket damage may not show these symptoms, so check for these other things, too:

  • Loss of water in the radiator
  • Water/Coolant in the oil
  • Milky white coating on oil cap

If you have seen any of these symptoms, give us a call. If these are not your symptoms, you probably don’t have a blown head gasket.

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If you are in Washington State, call toll-free for a cooling-system consultation and head-gasket repair estimate . Or email us at gcmv@aoldotcom.


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